Thank you!

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… to everyone who volunteered their time and energy at 2011 Foodcamp 253. You’re amazing!


People came together to share their needs, resources, and knowledge with one another in an effort to promote good things for our community.  I think it’s wonderful that people are actively thinking about what they are eating and drinking and making an effort to learn how to be better food and beverage consumers.  I also think it’s amazing to hear how these same people are trying to be better neighbors to those in their community who have great needs. Foodcamp was a great event to learn how to do both of these things better – because of the presenters and the attendees who asked such engaging questions.

The day included a variety of topics about different food philosophies, struggles local business have with delivering high quality products, tips for storing my food better, tips for taking better photographs, what it’s like to start a new food/beverage business, how to provide a better cocktail to my guests, how to think about food marketing, challenges local groups have with meeting the needs of hungry kids and adults, ways I can keep fats, oil, and grease out of my drain… and more.  What a thought-provoking day it was, and I’m excited to keep learning what I can from this community.  I really hope you feel the same way.

Pictures of the event are up on this Flickr stream (, as well as on facebook (

Thank you for your support of Foodcamp 253.  I’m already excited about the next one!

It’s never too early to think about what you want to talk about!

What Will You Learn About?

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FoodCamp 253 is an event about Sharing and Learning.  For those of you coming to the site wondering what will be talked about at the event, here’s an overview of a few of the presenters/presentations:

  • Terry’s Berries knowledgeable store manager, Kaitlin, will be talking about CSAs (
  • Tacoma’s newest brewery, Wingman Brewers, will be represented by Ken Thoburn (
  • A talk on Food Photography will be given by one of our region’s best documentary food photographers, the uber-talented, Clare Barboza (
  • Phil Coates of 21 Cellars (, Tacoma’s amazing premier boutique winery, will be talking about winemaking.
  • The Digital Mixologist blogger, Brian Johnson ( will be giving a talk entitled, “10 Ways to Better Cocktails: You’re eating well, so why not drink well?”
  • Ellen & Charles of the Gleaning Project will talk about the benefits of Gleaning:
  • Heather Rowland, the vegan baker from UrbanXChange’s The Den will be talking about the “slow food movement.”
  • Dawn Quinn, vegan blogger at speaking about vegan food and lifestyle in Tacoma
  • Marisa and Ben from will be talking about social media and food issues AND are sponsoring a presentation room with snacks!!! Thanks for your support guys!
  • Judy K. will be leading a discussion about the organization she volunteers with, Food Backpacks 4 Kids:
  • John Brooke, a veteran of BarCamp Tacoma will be talking about homebrewing!  At Barcamp 2009, John taught us how he programmed his arduino to know when his tomato plants were dry and water them… he knows a lot!
  • Donald Sidman, a renaissance man of Tacoma who doesn’t own a can opener, will be talking about Storing and Serving Winter Vegetables.  As a teacher at one of Tacoma’s private college prep schools, he’s an amazing speaker and has a lot of useful tips about how to eat well year-round.
  • Brent Cleary from the Tacoma Farmers Market will be talking to us about the role of farmers markets and how we can help them be more successful.
  • Mandy Zylstra will be examining two frameworks for individual behavior change.
  • Lee Markholt from the Meat Shop of Tacoma will be leading a Q & A for everyone about his business.  Bring your Q’s!
  • Jenn Halverson Kuehn will be doing some research about grains and flour and letting you know what she finds out.
  • Lisa Duke has a lot of experience working inside soup kitchens that seek to honor the individual’s dignity with simple soups.  She might have a few recipes to share as well as thoughts on training a diverse group of people to work with community.
  • Erik Hanberg will be teaching us his tricks to bake the perfect loaf of bread.

Hopefully, this helps you better understand the kinds of talks that will be going on.  Food

and beverage is something a part of everyone’s life, and because of that, we all have something we can share with one another.  Please email if you’d like to give a talk.  We want to learn from you!

FoodCamp = Sharing + Learning

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FoodCamp (253) is an educational gathering for curious individuals who have an interest in food and beverage topics.

Imagine a TED Talk (such as Carolyn Steel’s talk on how food shapes our cites or Arthur Potts Dawson’s talk on vision for sustainable restaurants), but instead it’s given by you and on a topic that affects or would enlighten your own community. . .

For more information about FoodCamp(253), please visit the pages set up in the navigation tabs under the logo, and follow us on twitter (@FoodCamp253).

Thank you for your interest in our event.  We do hope you will join us.